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Greetings to the Southeastern Region!

We are only a few weeks away from the 80th Southeastern Regional Leadership Conference.  We have excellent workshops for all registrants, well as a great schedule for our Male Network.  Check out the conference at a glance section in the planning guide.

We are hosting the regional rollout of our Be Finer national initiative and the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. - SC State Conference is scheduled the same weekend in a hotel next door.  Sigma Frat will hold their state step competition and we will be strolling during the Blue & White Step/Stroll on Friday night.  Sorors must be registered to perform.  All are welcome to attend with proceeds going to our conference Z-HOPE project. 

The Z-HOPE project for the conference focuses our efforts on the Sea Island Adult Day Care Center.  All Zetas (Life Members, Graduates and Undergraduates) and Auxiliaries (Amicae & Zeta Youth) are asked to support this project.  They are in need of electronic equipment and therapy chairs.  Learn more about the Sea Island Adult Day Care Center here:

All are reminded to take a few minutes to submit the requested information as directed in the conference planning guide…you can’t win awards if you don’t submit the information.  The primary deadline for is October 31st.

Lastly….SEND IN PICTURES. We’re looking for pictures from conferences from the establishment of the Southeastern Region in 1934 up to 1980…we’re received a few so far but we want more.

See you in North Charleston!

The Gullah Kinfolk will perform Thursday evening after the openin program.

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