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The Southeastern Regional Executive Board consists of elected and appointed positions from the membership to oversee the duties, responsibilities, and actions of the governing body. Please refer to our handbook for additional information regarding regional elected and appointment position requirements.  

2020-2022 Southeastern Region Executive Board

Undergraduate Member At Large

Undergraduate Council

Kaia Bonner (FL)

Angel Wallace (FL)

Social Action Coordinator

Krysta Jones (FL)

Vendor Coordinator

Rebecca Heath-Brown (GA)

Youth Coordinator

ShaniquaCaldwell (GA)

Youth Team

Cindy Waymon (FL)

Felecia McClain-Sturdivant (GA)

Melanie Henderson (SC)

Valerie Jackson (USVI)

Kashannise Hanna (Bahamas)

Zeta/Sigma Liaison

Dana Dudley (GA)

Z-HOPE Coordinator

Iris Wouldard-King (FL)

American Cancer Society

Voncelle Thomas

Elder Care

Nakia Sturrup (FL)

International Women of Color

Yolanda Martinez (FL)

March for Babies

Kimberly Morris Dove (SC)

St. Jude

Milrinette Nelson (GA)

Stork's Nest

Sheryl Brown (FL)

US Fish & Wildlife Coordinator


Data & Monitoring Coordinator

Marguerite Morgan-Cargo (FL)

Zetas Have Heart

Dr. Vallie Holloway

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