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Congratulations to the following Sorors from the Southeastern Region on their appointment to the National Membership Administration.

Technology Soror Nicole Lowry - (Southeastern) - Director

Stork’s Nest Soror Dr. Joanne McDougal Patterson (Southeastern) - Director

National Brand Soror Kendra Hatcher-King (Southeastern) - Director

Graphic Designer Soror Jessica L. Elmore - (Southeastern) - Director

Grant Writing Soror Anita Fain Taylor - (Southeastern) - Co-Director

Life Member Soror (Dr.) Terri N. Bell - (Southeastern) - Director

Mental Health Soror (Dr.) Rosemarie Farngalo - (Southeastern) - Director Soror (Dr.) Ebony Coney - (Southeastern) Co-Director

Myrtle and Viola Tyler Legacy Club Soror Vickey Renee Silas - (Southeastern) - Director

Reclamation Team Soror Tara Lockett - (Southeastern) - Director

Risk Management Soror Alisa Edmondson -(Southeastern) - Director

Transition Your Talent Soror (Dr.) Felicia Scott Strickland - (Southeastern) Director

Zetas Have Heart Soror Kimberly Morris - (Southeastern) - Director

Subcommittee Appointments

Certification Soror Chenise Malone - Southeastern Soror Sheila Davis - Southeastern

Leadership, Training, and Development Soror (Dr.) Sherry Pough - Southeastern

E-Learning Soror (Dr.) Carolyn Waddlington - Southeastern

Technology Soror Erica Orr - Southeastern

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