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Thank you, Southeastern Region!

We are just a few weeks or so past Boule’ 2018 where we experienced the exciting

election of a new International Grand Basileus, along with other national officers.

Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker, immediate Past National First Anti-Basileus, and member of

the Atlantic Region was elected Twenty-fifth International President of our beloved Zeta.

Sorors and auxiliaries of the Southeastern Region offer congratulations to Soror

Hollingsworth-Baker and all newly elected and appointed officers as they begin their tenure

in office. We extend special congratulations to our own, Soror Lawanda Harper, immediate

Past Chair of the Southeastern Region’s Board, on her appointment as our new

Southeastern Regional Director. Further, the entire membership of the Southeastern

Region pledges continued support of national targets for we are “One Zeta” and want to do

all we can to help our organization achieve maximum success.

The candidates of the Southeastern Region ran effective campaigns, and as we celebrate Soror Chrislyn Turners’ successful bid for office as National Second Anti-Basileus, we also celebrate the efforts of each of our candidates. They are talented, gifted, accomplished, and knowledgeable Sorors who have given, and continue to give, their time, energy, talents, finances, and skills to Zeta. We are grateful they cared enough to offer themselves for office. I express my personal thanks to Sorors Black, Turner, and Elkins-Rogers. You are loved and appreciated. We look forward to your continuing service as members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.

I take this opportunity to also share with you some of the awards won by the region during Boule’ 2018: 2017 ZPAP Regional Challenge Winner, Great Lakes vs. Southeastern; 2017 ZPAP March of Dimes, highest Impact Region; 2016 March of Dimes Fundraising Region, 1st Place; 2017 March of Dimes Fundraising Region, 1st Place; 2017 Relay for Life, National Top

Fundraiser Region; 2018 Relay for Life, Top Fundraiser Region; 2018 Region with the largest number of new Undergraduates; 2018 Region with the largest Reclaimed inactive Members; 2017 and 2018 Region with the largest Membership; St. Jude 2017-2018, top Fundraising Region; 2nd place, St. Jude Regional Fundraising Champion.

Thank you Sorors, Amicae, and Youth, for the work accomplished in your various communities. States of the Region also placed first in numerous categories. Our State Directors and Liaison are commended for outstanding leadership and dedication to the work of Zeta in support of the Region’s mission. Special acknowledgement is given to SD Karen Blount (Florida and the Bahamas, in Loving Memory); SD Edna McClendon (Florida and the Bahamas); SD Shaneesa Ashford (Georgia); SD Latorsha Murray (South Carolina); SD Nichole Samuel Miller (US Virgin Islands), and Liaison Iana Daniels (Trinidad and Tobago) - they Rocked as “Team Supreme!” Now, the work of the Region continues as our in-coming International President prepares/identifies her leadership team.

The 84th Southeastern Region’s Leadership Conference will be conducted November 8 – 11, 2018, at the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace Hotel, 1900 E. Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Registration information has been released and may be found on the Region’s website. Let’s show up and support our new Southeastern Regional Director!

Finally, thanks to each of you for your support, love, assistance, and guidance, as I endeavored to implement the role of Southeastern Regional Director. We made great strides and have numerous identifiable points of pride to claim. Together, we established a significant legacy of service that will be forever visible and documented, not only in Zeta’s History, but in those of universities, community organizations, and in our National Archives. I say “we”, because the accomplishments of which I speak were achieved by partnering with our State Directors, Liaison, Executive Boards (Region and State levels), Sorors, Amicae, Youth and Male Network Members. Thank you! I don’t know what the future holds specifically, but I do know that it will be filled with sisterly love, and lasting friendships.

With a grateful heart,


20th Southeastern Regional Director

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