LaWanda Harper, Southeastern Regional Director



Chrislyn Turner

Second Anti-Basileus

Dr. Jacqueline Lawton

National Education Foundation Chair

Kendra Hatcher King 

National Brand Zeta Director


Vanessa Elkins-Rogers

National Budget & Finance Director

Anita Taylor

National Grant Writing Co-Director


Jessica Elmore

National Graphic Design Director


Stacy January

International Director


Dr. Sherry Pough

National Learning Training & Development Co-Director

Dr. Terri N. Bell

National Life Member Director


Kim Johnson

National Marketing Coordinator

Dr. Rosemarie Farngalo

National Mental Health Awareness Director

Dr. Ebony Coney

National Mental Health Awareness Co-Director


Herlena Washington

National Military Attache' Co-Director


Vickey Renee Silas

Myrtle & Viola Tyler Legacy Director

Katrina Owens

National Project Manager


Dr. Joanne McDougal Patterson

National Stork's Nest Director

Nicole Lowry

National Technology Director

Tara Lockett

National Reclamations Director

Alisa Edmondson

National Risk Management Director

Chriscilla Lyles Cox

National Strategic Planning Director

Dr. Felicia Scott-Strickland

National Transition Your Talents Director

Dr. Ophelia Sanders

National Zeta Male Network Director

Kimberly Morris

National Zetas Have Heart Director

My Dear Sorors, Amicae, and Youth of the Southeastern Region:


I am humbled and excited at the opportunity to serve as your Regional Director and institute the vision of our dynamic new International President, Valerie Hollingsworth Baker. The sorority year is off to an awesome start and I am honored to serve as part of the administration. I am confident her leadership will usher in new and exciting opportunities to raise the positive profile of our great sorority as we journey toward the Centennial celebration in 2020 and beyond.  


As the future looks bright for our Sorority, the Southeastern Region will continue to be a leader throughout the organization. The strength of our organization has always been its members.  Your help, love, and support are needed to propel our sorority to 2020 and beyond.  This will require all Graduates, Undergraduates, Amicae and Youth to lock arms in solidarity as together we continue the legacy of the Southeastern Region is “Second to None”.  


As members of Zeta, we all stand on the shoulders of our Founders and the women who have come before us.  I pray your help and dedication to our mission as we work hard to ensure our light shines brightly enough to make them proud for their sacrifice and the positive example of the SOUTHEASTERN REGION – SECOND TO NONE.


As part of the “Members Administration”, I am and will remain open to your input and ideas as we join together to promote the initiatives of our 25th International Grand Basileus. I solicit your prayers and support as we travel on the road to Zeta’s Centennial.


With Sisterly Love,


LaWanda E. Harper

Southeastern Regional Director

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.




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